Report for March 10, 2014

The thaw has begun with our warm temps.  The lake roads are starting to show signs of water and slush from all the narrow roads with high berms but there is still plenty of ice.  The warms temps and melting snow could help ignite a perch and panfish bite.  Received a few reports of crappies and bluegills in Isle Bay after the NAIFC qualifying tournament this past Sunday with the winning team keeping 14 fish.  Have heard some panfish reports from Cove Bay as well.  Off-road  travel is still difficult with vehicles and ATV so sleds are recommended if you want to get out to no-man’s land.  Some of the other resorts still have roads open for you to give perch fishing a try and the Isle Bay resorts have minimal roads for the crappie/bluegills.

Snowmobile trails are still in good shape and the clubs are still grooming so get up here and enjoy the last of the snowmobile season, you won’t be sorry!

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2014 Perch Extravaganza Top Ten Perch
10. Mark 1.07
9. Nate 1.085
8. Erik 1.14
7. Autum 1.15
6. Andy 1.15
5. Tom 1.16
4. Sara 1.16
3. Dan  1.17
2. Chad 1.22…
1st  Rob. 1.34#
A great crowd this year at the PE, despite the cold and consequences of the massive dumping of snow and hurricane wind drifts. The entire Mille lacs community appreciates all of the people that come up and help “celebrate” the Extravaganza. I want to thank my great friends and employees that help make this event happen. Nittis Hunters Point Resort is a first class kick ass resort that hosts the event every year and does a fantastic job. Thanks to all. 2015 PE is sat 2/21/15. It has and always will be the last weekend of the walleye season. Heres to #32 Thank you all. Steve
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The wind and snow put a damper on lake travel yesterday, the resorts are getting roads open as fast as they can this morning. The party tent is up and we will be selling buttons until 2pm so if you cant make it for the fishing come up for the drawings.

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Perch Extravaganza is a GO!!

Perch Extravaganza is a GO!!
We are digging out from the wonderful winter dumping.
The resorts will be working to get roads open and Hunters Point will be clearing as much as possible for wheelers and parking.  This last snow blast will make lake travel tuff.
The Friday night party is on too!!
Cmon up for the big one! you don’t have to fish, you can come for the entertainment and the drawing.
Drawing starts at 3 p.m.
Mad Hatter contest at 2:30 p.m.
Weigh in cutoff at 2pm
Lakewide contest, no need to check in, get your button at portside and Hunters point and Prince Bait

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Perch Extravaganza Lodging

Here is an update on lodging and fish house rentals open for the weekend of the 22nd. These fill quick after we post them.


Macs twin bay 320-676-8709
6 rentals open

Mcquoids inn 320-676-3535
4 Condos
2 Cabins
Very few hotel rooms

Hunters point 320-676-3227
Booked solid

Lybacks ice fishing 320-676-8740
3 Rentals open

Fishermans Wharf 320-676-3693
1 Hotel room
6 Rentals open

Hunter Winfields 320-676-1100
1 Rental open

Brandts ice fishing 320-532-3674
10 Rentals open

Appledorns resort 320-676-8834
2 cabins 1br
1 cabin sleeps 8
2 lakeview suites

Agate bay resort 320-684-2233
No lodging
5 Rentals open

Hunters point has areas cleared for wheelhouses and the road to the mud is open. The forecast is looking good….almost shorts weather. CMON UP AND PERCH IT!!
Buttons on sale at Portside and Hunters Point, and the new hoodies are in.

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Road to the flats open!!

Dickies of Liberty beach reports
New road to south 3 mile. To the flats – midget, 9 mile, sliver and boot. North boot had double layer of ice. Should be healed up though by tomorrow.

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Perch Extravaganza News!!

The 2014 Perch Extravaganza is 2/22/14 Saturday from 8am to 2 pm
Buttons on sale now at Johnsons Portside and Hunters point Resort.

Join us this year and bring the wheelhouse to get in on the Wheelhouse Park Party!
Hunters Point resort will be clearing a large area in approx. 26′ in the mud transition area to set up the wheelhouses.
It’s an area you can fish that is close in or you can park it, drop it, and have some fun. We would like to set a record of the most wheelers in one area or gathering.

We will have bean bag tournaments starting Friday!

The pre-party starts Friday night (get in on the early bird prizes)

The MAD HATTER CONTEST is on Sat at 2:30 Wear you craziest hat and win being the crowd favorite.

The T-SHIRT SHOOTER will be there too. Over 150 shirts to be shot this year.

Drawing starts at 3 pm

2 Ice Castle Wheelhouses
2 4×4 ATV’s
Tons of door prizes and free prizes for all kids 12 and under (while they last).

MORE INFO   Check us out on FACEBOOK!


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Mille lacs is in the news…again.

Mille lacs in the news…….
The blue ribbon panel (whatever that means) will be meeting soon to come up with ideas to better manage Mille lacs walleye population. I’ve got some input.
1. To remove “some” of the large walleyes from Mille lacs implement a “doe permit” system to allow some anglers to possess one large fish per season.
2. Implement a Walleye replacement buyout for the tribes. Th…e state of Minnesota will supply and deliver walleyes to the tribes monthly on a year round basis, enough to replace what they do not net. Taking nothing from the tribes, the agreement could include the “activity” of netting for cultural and ceremonial purposes, but on a much smaller scale.    Yes this might cost the state a million or so annually but we already spend about twice that a year on studies. The local economy drives much more than that to the state coffers annually.
Both Ideas I’ve presented to the DNR in the past years and never even got a bite!
I am not looking for opinions on here, just giving out mine.
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Perch Extravaganza Grand Prizes

The 2014 Perch Extravaganza grand prizes include:

2 Ice Castle wheelhouses

2 ATV 4×4′s

Buttons on sale now at Portside and Hunters Point

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Mille lacs lake Fish Wrapper 1/23/14 Thurs

Holy whiteout..
We have another day of wind on the lake. The resorts will be burning the fuel once again to get the roads open for the weekend. Some resorts have punched into some new deeper areas last week only to have the wind close up the roads again. There are no roads that I am aware of going to the main mud yet off the east side, please comment if you know something I dont.
   Ice reports are “…good to go” from the resorts.
   There are many areas of the lake that have yet to be fished this winter. We had scattered reports of walleyes both big and small, also seeing more eelpout this year, been awhile. Perch and some huge northerns being caught in the bay areas of the lake.
Mille lacs is in the news, the DNR is admitting mistakes? Really? Now they will bring in more experts from around the nation to over-study the most studied lake in the world. AT WHAT COST? Its a question that many of us want answered. Heads should roll…….
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