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Roads are Open

Roads are open to the Mud!  Roads are open to the Gravel!   The weather is great!
Fishing has been good this season! More reasons to head to Mille lacs.
Don’t forget about the Perch Extravaganza on Saturday, February 21st!  Join us for fun filled day.



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18″ Of ICE and gettn thicker

18 inches on average is covering Mille lacs lake, and we get thicker every day. Resorts are allowing vehicles of all sizes and wheelhouses are everywhere.
The fishing has been very good, both Walleye and Perch reports are common this winter. Short of the fast cold fronts that slow it down for a short time, this will be one of the best “fishing” winter seasons in years.
Stop in for the latest reports and be sure to stop in at your resort of choice for up to date ICE REPORTS as it can change in minutes. It always pays to be cautious on the Ice, with very little snow the public access’ look appealing for entry on to the lake, USE EXTREME CAUTION when making that decision.

Fish are Biting, GET UP HERE!!

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Mille lacs is open for business!!
Most resorts are plowing roads, 16″-19″ of ice.
They are allowing vehicle traffic and pulling out houses like crazy.
We have a little snow for banking.
The best part is the fish are biting too!

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Ice Season Underway on Mille lacs

Ice season 2014/2015 is underway.

Numerous resorts are allowing vehicles and larger houses are being pulled out onto the ice.
Ice conditions are good with an average 15″ covering the lake. As always we stress to check with the resort before you venture out.
Rattle reels will be jingling this winter on Mille lacs,we have a good population of perch getting to be keeper size and a bright future for the Jumbos.
Walleye action has been very good for many anglers this winter, early ice and no crowds made for hotspots being open and quiet. There are slots coming in the mix with great numbers of smaller walleyes as well as a good batch of large (fun to fight) ones on the prowl for forage.
Call and get your rental house reserved.
It’s gonna be a good winter

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Winter Season Starts Now

Winter season on Mille lacs.
Resorts are starting to pull privates and some (not all) are allowing vehicles.
The lake locked up good now that we are and will stay below freezing. Cooler temps coming too!
It’s been a good bite this winter and we haven’t had 90% of you up here yet.
Stop in for all your supplies and check out our new “ice fishing” shirts and hoodies.

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Update From Hunters Point

***Ice Report***
With this warm up coming we will hold off pulling any houses till some of our cracks can heal up. No vehicle traffic but we are still open to atvs. We will be open all day Christmas Eve and open up at 3:00 pm on Christmas day. Make sure you join us next Saturday the 27th for our ugly Christmas sweater party!!!

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Resort reports

Report from Hunters Point
***Ice Update***
Starting tomorrow we will be pulling out houses for anyone who has a four-wheeler. We still have a few cracks out front so before you drive up call us to confirm that there hasn’t been a change of plan. Thanks

Report from Castaways

We are dealing with and bridging a few cracks, one of which is right on the shoreline. We are re-staking roads after the stakes fell down during the warm weather.
If all goes as planned we will start pulling houses Friday sometime to Wilderness, 1 1/4 mile and 1 1/2 mile.
3 mile is on hold pending current cracks

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Report from Macs Twin Bay Resort

Ice update.

We are heading out farther, past Hawkbill Point. We have about 14″, with spots of more ice in some areas.

Driving is good, for trucks up to 1/2 ton and under 10 mph.

We have rental houses open–Sleepers, Day Houses and Spear Houses.

Fishing reports are promising and we are seeing some nice ones!

If you have a private house with us, we’re able to pull to first half of Roads C, E, and F, and onto Road D–in addition to Roads A and B. There are a few cracks limiting us which should heal up with the cold coming. There is little to no banking snow. Please bring up carpeting or plywood to ‘bank’ your house. Cardboard is not preferred:(

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Hows the Ice on Mille lacs?

A- Cold and hard.

The Ice is fine, we are not losing any, the areas that were good are still good. Monday night we drop back into the teens, this should get the questionable areas good by the end of the week. The resorts are filling up for the earlier than expected start.

OH, ONE MORE THING, The walleyes are slamming baits this year. there are some huge Jumbo perch hitting and plenty of smaller ones to sort through. Northerns are being harvested by both line and stick (spear).

It’s gonna be a GOOD ONE!!

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